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Qualitative Research
WOB sessions
Content Development
Video production

The video is being distributed to influencers in the publishing industry at the moment. Results will be reported as soon as we have sufficient data. But we feel confident.

Bibblio helps publishers increase audience and revenue without invasive and irrelevant adtech recommendations (adtech is this: “Every Driver in Denmark Should Have These Glasses!!!”). Bibblio does this with ad-free content recommendation systems which either circulates a publisher’s own content or let publishers trade traffic in Syndicates.



Bibblio is launching a new product, Syndicate, which lets publishers trade traffic. It’s a complex product in a complex market. The challenge is to communicate this in a shareable and convincing manner which can raise awareness.



We created a short and humorous video showcasing what the invasive content recommendations would look like in real life, tailored for a distribution strategy of seeding the video to a selected few influencers in the world of digital publishing.

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