Student Assistant –  Growth manager

Do you have a visual mind and can help us drive a project forward?

We are looking for an ultra passionate student with a startup mindset to join us as a student worker. We are a group of 5 people working closely on a wide range of visual storytelling projects. We all bring different skills and passions to the table and are looking for someone who can share their passions with us also. The job requires some coordination work to keep the wheels turning, but we are looking for someone who wants to explore and utilise their passions in the creative industries in areas such as film, design, animation, graphic design etc. We want to hear from you about the skills you are keen on working on and developing and about your passion to work in the field of visual storytelling.

Here are a few of our thoughts on the profile, we are looking for:
(1) We will require that you help us with some coordination work, however, the other half of your time will be dedicated to developing your creative abilities.

(2) You will get to use your skills on real client projects and participate in the concept development process.

(3) You must love problem solving and be ready to work hard alongside the rest of us, we are a close team and are looking to find someone who can potentially join us for the long run!

(4) You can see yourself in charge of making our internal projects thrive.

Read more about one of the things which makes us just a bit different: WOB – Weekly Open Brainstorms

How to apply

Apply by sending a link to your CV and a Cover Letter. Send the documents to our Creative Producer, Gabriella Votta, at – and if you have any questions regarding the application or Zevegraf, you can reach Gabriella on her phone: 50262805

Practical info

  • The job starts in January 2019.
  • Application Deadline – December 1, 2019.
  • Zevegraf is a start-up, so we promise, you will have tons of relevant responsibilities.
  • We expect you to commit to a workload of 15-20 hours per week.
  • Our office is located at Gammel Kongevej 131b, 1 floor, 1850 Frederiksberg.
  • You can check out some of our cases in the work section.


Zevegraf is an independent agency. It was
founded by Marcus Feldthus (left)
and Oscar Haumann (center) back in 2015.


In September 2017, Jan Vels Jensen (right),
invested in Zevegraf and became the third partner.