We help scaleups build their brand and business by exciting people.

Storytellers rule the world. Therefore, we decided to be awesome storytellers and help scaleups achieve the success they need in order to change the world for the better.


We understand humans, what drive them and excite them and it’s that expertise we put into play when helping our clients.

Brand & strategy

We have a grow-by-doing mindset. If you go too deep, you might end up being irrelevant when you come back to the surface. We help our clients define a version 1 brand platform that’s value and purpose driven. From that point, we start doing stuff we can learn from.

  • Brand & Market positioning
  • Brand Platform
  • Visual Identity
  • Market & Consumer Insights
  • Marketing Strategy


We make sure to help our clients tell and facilitate the creation of authentic stories that have the power to change the world. We believe that many small stories will always beat one big and that doing the right thing is the perfect starting point for good storytelling.

  • Concept Development
  • Social Media Content
  • Video Production
  • Photo Production
  • Graphic Design & UX
  • Illustrations
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation


We do Weekly Open Brainstorm (WOB) processes where we put together interesting and multi disciplinary team to help spark important and authentic ideas. Ideation is no longer a place for the selected few.


We cannot and will not do everything on our own. We are specialized in branding and storytelling. We have good friends and collaborators working with media distribution, digitization, influencer marketing and PR who we will team up with if necessary.

Let’s talk.