Ideation with WOB.

WOB stands for Weekly Open Brainstorms. It’s a new approach and methodology for ideation in organizations.


We believe that everyone can come up with a good idea. And we believe that the best ideas are spawned when completely different disciplines meet.


Only a narrow selection of disciplines are a part of ideations in organizations today. It is a thing for the VIPs. And maybe that is why there are so many marketers who feel stuck? That’s the problem we are solving with WOBs.

Getting Out of The Bubble

We put together interesting and multi disciplinary teams. Vi put people, who otherwise would not meet, in the same room. We leverage the differences to eliminate disciplinary bias and open up for ideas which are more ambitious, more authentic and therefore more impactful.


A WOB process includes 4 sessions with 5 – 7 people, representing different disciplines, who develop and refine ideas. We record all WOBs, making reporting a much smoother process. The WOB team is a mix of people from our client’s organization, our own team and our network of WOBsters.

The process

  • Insights

    Answering the WOB brief.

  • WOB: The Dreamer

    Everything is possible in this session. The goal is to create as many concrete ideas as possible.

  • WOB: Themes

    We induce overall themes from the concrete ideas.

  • WOB: The Realist

    We give concrete actions to how the themes can be activated

  • Summary

    We give recommendations on how to continue the work with the final selection ideas and we sum up all ideas created in an Idea Bank.

The WOB is a place of ideation. A place of differentiation. A playground for professionals. Feel free to be inspired and use any models or ideas you meet in our archive.

What is an idea bank?

An Idea Bank is a document containing all the best ideas from the first WOB (The Dreamer). Typically, it’s between 5 – 10 ideas. Each idea is given a headline, a short description and a video clip where the author of the idea explains it for the first time.