A Family of Visual Storytellers

We help scaleups build their brands with authentic storytelling. That’s the tangible output. Straight forward.


Taking a closer look at Zevegraf and what unites us – we want to help brands do the right thing. Doing the right thing attracts attention, engages people and creates communities. And the roadmap for doing the right thing is letting your guard down. Telling or creating a story that’s based on something real and inevitable. That means ditching the classical sales pitch and moving into storytelling. Simply telling about the features of a product, does not inspire anyone.

Letting your guard down is risky, but it makes it possible to create something that is authentic and stands out.

Oscar Haumann – Co-founder & Art Director

Oscar is the first point of contact between client and Zevegraf. A big part of his daily work is creating a framework where combining visual ideas with the right setting equals success. He creates the visual direction for Zevegraf. He is cool, fresh and loves to talk about how amazing visuals can help companies succeed.


E-mail: Oscar@zevegraf.dk
Phone: 53256769

Marcus Feldthus – Co-founder & Strategist

Marcus is in charge of defining a strategic frame which functions as a foundation for the creative execution. Internally, he makes sure that things get done, and in addition to that, he is making sure that we tell the right stories in the right way. He is a storyteller by heart (which is also why he is working a book on the side). He is straight forward, disarming and occasionally goofy.


Mail: Marcus@zevegraf.dk
Phone: 28897063

Jeppe Thybo – Creative Lead

Jeppe takes the creative concept from A to Z. He is your man when it comes to concept development. It is something he has done for many years. Along with Nick Johnsen, Jeppe created the dancing duo, Robotboys, more than 10 years ago and since then they have performed in more than 40 countries and created a huge presence on Youtube with more than 500 million views. If there is one thing which characterizes Jeppe’s work with Robotboys, it is that he has always told intelligent and compelling stories, which grabbed people’s attention.


Mail: Jeppe@zevegraf.dk

Gabriella Votta – Creative Producer

As our creative producer, Gabriella is in on a project from start to the very end. She has previously worked as a Producer at Novo Nordisk and holds a bachelor’s degree in Science in Film and Television Production from York University. She has worked on some impressive projects. Amongst others, she has build the surface of the moon out of one tonne of gravel. And that’s not easy. She is a creative soul with a practical approach to problem solving.


E-mail: gabriella@zevegraf.dk
Phone: 50262805

Jan Vels Jensen – Partner & (Senior) Strategic Director

Jan’s role is twofold. First, he is a still photographer on the rise. Second, he is a seriously brilliant marketer, with jobs as CMO at Trustpilot and Cxsense on his resumé. That makes him sort of a junior-senior in Zevegraf. Jan’s late work on branding is what has led him to Zevegraf. If you want to get to know him better – watch one of the webinars he did on differentiation with Tomorrow People.


E-mail: Jan@zevegraf.dk

Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen – Cinematographer (freelance)

Mikkel is experienced as both cinematographer and editor. He is brilliant at boosting energy into a set. One of his impressive merits is the mockumentary “Cold at The Summit”, which won the Audience award at the Ekko Shortlist Award 2017, and has 240.000+ views on Youtube. Simply put, Mikkel is a guy who knows what people want to watch.